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Our goal is to connect existing and well-established components within your environment, such as accounting systems, cash-desks, your suppliers‘ webshops, etc.
necta connects all of your external components and ensures efficient IT-based work-processes.


We were able to establish great relationships with a lot of the main food wholesale-suppliers and have interfaces with their systems. This brings many advantages for you and your company: access to up-to-date information about articles and prices, electronic order processess, electronic delivery forms and invoices.
Of course it is also possible to import your own Excel lists or to create a file on articles within necta.

Cash desks

There are a few options in designing the interface to the cash desk:

  • necta is the leading system and transfers all article data to the cash desk and receives the sales data in return
  • all data will be received by necta once a day

Accounting software

necta will transfer the data of your debitors and your creditors to your accounting software. There is no need to print and type in data again.
If you are using cost centers, no problem! necta can map it.

On-line Shops

Of course necta can also receive data from the on-line shops of your suppliers.

We would be very happy to answer all your questions, just give us a call at:

A: +43 5 9010 5110

D: +49 861 230 84 888

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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