necta product overview

Comparison: The different versions of necta
Which version is best suitable for my company?
A chain of restaurants, retirement homes, hotels, restaurants, hospital groups, caterers, school buffets, … ? We’ve got you covered!
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Monthly costs

Collection of recipes – with pictures, automatic calculation of nutritional information, automatic price calculation
Order function – for all your suppiers*
Updates – regular
Data security – regular backups
Supplier management – article data of all your suppliers in one system
Calculation  – calculate* with up-to-date prices
User authorizaton – individual authorizations for different members of your team
Controlling – reports and performance indicators at your fingertip
Ingredients list – with emphasis on nutritional information, allergens, ingredients that have to be listed seperately
Delivery form and invoice control – check* your documents digitally and automatically
Cash desk interface – easy deduction* of consumption via interface
Event planning – within seconds
Material flow – up-to-date overviews
Warehouse management
Weekly menu plans  – calculation of demand
Stock sub-locations / sub-cost-centers – as many as you need …
Custom label printing
Extended accounting – internal and external billing, sponsorship
Production – from the order to the production all the way to the billing (orders, invoices, delivery forms)