Managing food information with necta according to regulation No. 1169/2011.

Definition of ‚basic‘ ingredients including their allergens

Certain ingredients are classified as ‚basic‘ – examples are: flour, milk, pickles, …regardless of the supplier.

necta has grouped these ingredients and automatically informs of allergens that are included in any of these.

For example: Milk contains lactose. However, necta gives you the option to substitute regular milk with lactose-free milk in the recipes you have chosen.


Step 1: create recipes that contain basic ingredients

Step 2: print out your own menus with the correct food information

Step 3: order your ingredients. necta will inform you if the ingredients contain more allergens than stated in the recipe

Step 4: necta will inform you if one ingredient was substituted by another by your supplier with the consequence that the recipe will now contain more or different allergens